Twenty One


The Twenty One drinking game is very simple game where players count up from 1 with the last player saying 21 and has to drink. That player can then add a rule to the game before the next round.

Players: 4 or more


  1. Players sit in a circle and each player says a single number, starting from 1, sequentially until they reach 21.
  2. The person who says 21 has to drink and starts a new rule eg. Forbidden to say odd numbers, even numbers, certain numbers, higher or lower.
  3. All rules are permanent and combine on top of each other as the rounds progress
  4. If you disobey or break a rule you must drink!

Some rule suggestions:

  • No saying odd numbers
  • No saying multiples of 5
  • Every even number must be said in a low voice
  • All multiples of 4 must be yelled


Drink responsibly!