Truth or Dare or Drink


Need: 4 players, 1 Deck of Cards, Drinks of choice

The Truth or Dare or Drink drinking game is simple. Players are offered with truth/dare, or drink their alcohol when it is their turn to draw a random card.

A dealer hands out the cards, face up, to all players seated around a table., then makes two individual rows of  six face down cards on the table.

The left row of face down cards are “Truth” and right row is “Dare.” If you choose to drink instead of truth/dare, you have to drink for the amount of seconds as the selected card. eg 3 = 3 seconds, 4 = 4seconds. Face cards such as J,Q,K,A = 10 seconds.

Begin by a player flipping a single card from either the Truth or Dare. After the flip, players have to match their cards to the revealed card. Each player that has a card match has to answer Truth/Dare or drink. Next, the next card from the alternate row is flipped.

  • If more than three people have the card that was flipped, everyone drinks 5 seconds.
  • If anyone receives an Ace in the initial card hand out, they can enforce a drinking rule eg. No pointing with fingers or you drink.