Three Man


Three man drinking game works best with 5 people but can also be played with a minimum of 3 people. The aim is to avoid drinking!

2 x Dice, 3+ players, drinks of choice


  • Select a player to be “Three Man.” This player will remain Three Man until someone else rolls a 1 & 2 and that person becomes the new Three Man
  • Three man rolls the dice first, and drinks are determined by the outcome of the dice. Each person gets a roll of the dice, turns going clockwise.

Roll Results

  • 1-1 = Crate any rule. If you break the rule you drink. Example of a funny rule is nobody can say names
  • Doubles = Delegate players to drink based on the number rolled eg. double 5’s = delegate 10 drinks between players
  • 3 appears= Three man drinks
  • Total of 7 = Person to the left of the roller drinks
  • Total of 9 = Every person drinks
  • 6 & 4 = change direction of play
  • Total of 11 = Person to the right of the roller drinks.


Drink responsibly!