Need: 3 – 12 players, drink of choice, a spoon for each player
The spoons drinking game has a quick gameplay. You pass the cards between each other until someone has 4 of a kind, then you rush to grab spoons.

Sort and remove the deck of cards to leave a set of 4 of a kind per player. eg. if there are 3 players leave 12 cards, if 4 players 16 cards etc.


Cards are passed 1 at a time in a circle to the left. There is 1 person who calls “Pass” throughout the whole game. “Pass right” can also be called out.
The aim is to collect 4 of a kind, which when achieved, you grab a spoon straight away. As soon as the first player grabs a spoon everybody must also grab a spoon. Because there is one less spoon, 1 player will miss out and have to drink. If 2 players grab the spoon at the same time, whoever grabs the big side of the spoon must drink.

Drink responsibly!