Need: 1 deck of cards, drinks of choice, 2+ players
The Pyramid drinking game requires players to memorize cards they were dealt and assign drinks based on a bluff or a match in the pyramid. Cards in the pyramid are flipped one by one.

Cards are set up in a pyramid formation (6-5-4-3-2-1) and each player is dealt 4 cards face down.


  • Players take a 10 second look at their 4 cards without revealing to anybody else
  • A card in the pyramid is flipped over 1 at a time
  • Players can assign drinks to each other based on them having the same card in their hand. If assigned a drink by another player, you can drink or call their bluff, where the player that assigned the drink has to find that hard in their hand in one guess. If a player is called on a bluff, their card is discarded and received a new one face down

Drinking rules

  • Each row of the pyramid = number of drinks given (bottom row 1 drink, top row 6 drinks)
  • If a player calls an incorrect bluff, they drink twice the amount assigned to them, and vice versa to the player who assigned the drink


Drink responsibly!