Jenga Drinking Game


The Jenga Drinking Game, also known as Drunk Jenga, is a hilarious new twist on the classic Jenga game. The rules are very simple, yet take you on a whole new level of Jenga you have never experienced!


  • Each Jenga tile has a custom written instruction on it
  • When a person removes a Jenga tile, the instruction must be read aloud and then followed
  • The person who destroys the Jenga tile must take 2 shots

Examples of Drunken Jenga tiles

  • Assign 1 drink
  • Assign 2 drinks
  • Take 1 drink
  • Take 2 drinks
  • Waterfall 
  • All girls drink
  • All guys drink
  • Remove a piece of clothing
  • Everybody does a shot
  • Kiss the nearest boy/girl
  • Truth or dare


Drink responsibly!