Im Going On a Picnic


The Im Going On A Picnic drinking game is a game best played with Tequila or a drink of equal strength!

1 x bottle of tequila, 2+ people – the more the better
Do not tell anybody how the game works. The idea is they have to catch on and figure out for themselves. The logic works as follows

  • Player 1 to Player 2: I’m going on a picnic. Would you like to come?
  • Player 2: Sure
  • Player 1: What will you bring
  • Player 2 (Susan):  I will bring Sandwiches

The game continues like this, where the person has to name an item to bring that starts with the same letter as their name eg. Mary = Malteesers or Bob = Burgers.

If a person answers incorrectly, they have to take a shot. Nobody is allowed to tell the rules, they have to figure it out themselves. People will become annoyed and very curious of how the game works. The longer it takes to figure it out = the more shots you take = the harder it becomes!
A fun game that will get everybody involved.


Drink responsibly!