Fuck The Dealer


Need: 3+ players, beer, 1 deck of cards
Fuck the dealer drinking card game is a game of chance and luck. Either the players or dealer ends up drinking when guessing cards correctly or incorrectly in a row.

Everybody draws 1 card each from a face down deck and the lowest card is the dealer. (Aces are the highest)

Going clockwise, the dealer asks the first person on the left to guess the suit of the top card of the deck. If they guess right the dealer drinks, if wrong then the player drinks.
If the player’s guess of suit was incorrect, now that same player has to draw another card and guess the value of the card. If they guess right, the dealer drinks, and it is the next players turn, but if wrong then the player drinks again.
If the player has still guessed a correct answer, he/she must guess the next card whether it is higher or lower than the value of the previous card. If correct, the dealer drinks, if incorrect then that player has to drink again and their turn is finally over.

So the aim is to guess correctly the first guess!

Always drink responsibly.