Flip Cup


Flip cup is a very simple game that everybody can enjoy.

Plastic cups, a table, some beer, 2 + people


  1. Fill each cup a quarter up with beer
  2. Put the cups in front of all participating players
  3.  Each player lines up and faces their opponent. Someone yells “DRINK!” and the first 2 opponents skull their beer.
  4. Once finished skulling their beer, each player must place their cup on the edge of the table, hanging half off. They have to attempt to flip it using one finger so it lands perfectly upright on the table. Once they achieve this, the next person in their team can start.
  5. Once one side have flipped all cups perfectly, they are the winners and the opposing team has to do a shot each.



Drink responsibly!



Image source: http://www.wikihow.com/Play-Flip-Cup