Circle of Death


1 deck of cards, 1 middle cup (or mug), 4 + players
The circle of death drinking game, is similar to the Kings Drinking Game (also known as Kings Cup). Players perform an action based on a single card drawn each turn.

Players sit in a circle around a cup with a generous amount of strong alcohol, with cards placed in a circular fan around the whole cup. Players pick 1 card (the top card) at at a time each turn and perform the action based on that card.


  • King – The player can make a rule which everybody has to follow and if they break it, they have to drink eg. no pointing or no yelling. The 4th King has to drink the middle cup!
  • Queen- Going clockwise, each person must ask a question which must be follows by an answer which is also a question. The person who doesn’t answer with a question loses and drinks. eg. What time is it? Do you have the time? Do you know where my watch is? Note: If you ask the same question you have to drink
  • Jack- You are the thumb master. Every time you put your thumb on the table, everybody must do the same. The last person to thumb the table must drink. You are the thumb master until the next jack.
  • 10- You call out a category, and everybody must say 1 word each in that category without repetition.
  • 9- Go around the circle rhyming with 1 word. Repetition or non-rhyming words = drink.
  • 8 and below- If red, the player who drew the card drinks. If black, everybody else drinks
  • Ace -Everybody drinks in a domino effect, until the person before them has stopped drinking. The player who drew the Ace starts.


Drink responsibly!