Drinking Games Without Cards articles


Beer Pong

Beer Pong

Summary Need: 1 table, 2+ players, 20+ plastic cups, 1 or 2 ping pong balls, and beer. The aim of beer pong is simple. You get the ping pong ball into your opponents’s cups. Setup Arrange 10 cups in a pyramid format on each side. (4-3-2-1). Fill each cup with beer about half way. Gameplay Each player takes


Flip Cup

Summary Flip cup is a very simple game that everybody can enjoy. Equipment Plastic cups, a table, some beer, 2 + people Gameplay Fill each cup a quarter up with beer Put the cups in front of all participating players  Each player lines up and faces their opponent. Someone yells “DRINK!” and the first 2


Caps Drinking Game

Summary Caps drinking game is an original college drinking game that requires some skill and a little bit of luck. As the game progresses, you will find your skill decreases. Have fun! Need: 2 cups, 4 players, beer (bottled preferably), beer caps Gameplay Make 2 teams with 2 players on each team Teams face each


Speed Quarters

Summary Speed quarters is a simple and frantic game which involves use of the following. Need: Glass cups, 4+ players, a table, and some quarters (or other similar sized coins if you are not from the US). Setup Everybody sits at a table around a large glass filled with beer and 2 empty cups at opposite


Bar Dice

Bar dice is a simple drinking game that relies heavy on luck on your side. The loser has to buy a round of shots Need 3 + players Dice cup with 5 dice Shots of choice Instructions The aim of the game is to get the highest total number eg. best case scenario is 5 x


Twenty One

Summary The Twenty One drinking game is very simple game where players count up from 1 with the last player saying 21 and has to drink. That player can then add a rule to the game before the next round. Players: 4 or more Gameplay Players sit in a circle and each player says a


Power Hour

The Power Hour is a drinking activity where all players participating must drink a number of beer or shots within one hours. It is a exciting yet sometime dangerous game and should be played safely. Methods of power hour 1 shot of beer every minute for 1 hour. You can only take 5 minutes rest and


Three Man

Summary Three man drinking game works best with 5 people but can also be played with a minimum of 3 people. The aim is to avoid drinking! Need 2 x Dice, 3+ players, drinks of choice Gameplay Select a player to be “Three Man.” This player will remain Three Man until someone else rolls a