Drinking Card Games articles


Fuck The Dealer

Summary Need: 3+ players, beer, 1 deck of cards Fuck the dealer drinking card game is a game of chance and luck. Either the players or dealer ends up drinking when guessing cards correctly or incorrectly in a row. Setup Everybody draws 1 card each from a face down deck and the lowest card is



Summary Need: 3 – 12 players, drink of choice, a spoon for each player The spoons drinking game has a quick gameplay. You pass the cards between each other until someone has 4 of a kind, then you rush to grab spoons. Setup Sort and remove the deck of cards to leave a set of 4 of



Summary Need: Deck of cards, drinks of choice, 4 + players Asshole is a competitive, advantageous drinking game. The aim is to get rid of your cards the fastest. Rules Order of turns: President Vice President Citizens Vice Asshole Asshole   Gamplay Cards are dealt out evenly and player 1 starts by putting any card



Summary Need: 4 + players, drinks of choice, 1 deck of cards Bullshit is a simple, hilarious drinking game where you lie and call out liars based on their cards. The goal is to place your cards face down and get rid of your cards the fastest. Gameplay Each player has an even amount of



Summary Need: 1 deck of cards, drinks of choice, 2+ players The Pyramid drinking game requires players to memorize cards they were dealt and assign drinks based on a bluff or a match in the pyramid. Cards in the pyramid are flipped one by one. Setup Cards are set up in a pyramid formation (6-5-4-3-2-1)


Indian Poker

Summary Need: 1 deck of cards, 2+ people, drinks of choice The Indian Poker drinking game requires zero knowledge and can be played when already drunk. Gameplay Each player is dealt a card face down and then places it on their forehead without seeing it The goal is to have the highest card which is


Higher Lower

Summary Players have to guess whether the next card will be higher or lower. Need 1 deck of cards, 2 + people, drinks of choice Gameplay The dealer flips over a card and the first player has to guess if the next card will be higher or lower. If guessed incorrectly, the player drinks If


Circle of Death

Summary Need: 1 deck of cards, 1 middle cup (or mug), 4 + players The circle of death drinking game, is similar to the Kings Drinking Game (also known as Kings Cup). Players perform an action based on a single card drawn each turn. Gameplay Players sit in a circle around a cup with a generous