Caps Drinking Game


Caps drinking game is an original college drinking game that requires some skill and a little bit of luck. As the game progresses, you will find your skill decreases. Have fun!

Need: 2 cups, 4 players, beer (bottled preferably), beer caps


  1. Make 2 teams with 2 players on each team
  2. Teams face each other about 9 feet away from each other
  3. Place a half full cup of beer in between each opponent
  4. Take turns throwing bottle caps into the other persons cup. If it lands in the opponents cup, the other person drinks and you get 1 point
  5. Counter shot. If someone takes a shot into your cup, you have the chance to take the same cap out and return the shot. If you miss you drink twice. If you get it in, the opponent drinks twice.
  6. Tally up the points and first to 10 wins.


Drink responsibly!