Need: 4 + players, drinks of choice, 1 deck of cards
Bullshit is a simple, hilarious drinking game where you lie and call out liars based on their cards. The goal is to place your cards face down and get rid of your cards the fastest.

Each player has an even amount of cards which they can each see and sort privately. Going clockwise, each player must put down a selection of cards face down, and say what they have put down. eg. Player 1 puts down 2 Jacks, face down and says “I put down 2 x Jacks”. The next player has to put down a card (or cards) that are higher or lower, eg. Queen or a 10. The trick here is that a player can lie! For example, the player puts down 3 x 4’s face down, and says “I put down 3 x Queens.”
Any player can call “BULLSHIT!” if they believe someone is lying. If they appear to be lying, that liar has to pick up all the cards in the middle and add it to their hand. If the player wasn’t lying, then the accuser who yelled ‘bullshit!’ must pick up all the cards.

The game continues until 1 person is left with all the cards.

Drinking rules

  • If you are caught lying you have to drink
  • If you falsely accuse someone of lying, you have to drink
  • When a player has no more cards, all other players with cards must drink

Drink responsibly!