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Never Have I Ever

The Never Have I Ever drinking game is a classic that reveals peoples secrets! It can change the direction of the party into flirtatious, fun and silly. Gameplay The game is simple. Each person goes around the circle saying “Never Have I ever…” and then saying an activity they have never done. All the other


Truth or Dare or Drink

Summary Need: 4 players, 1 Deck of Cards, Drinks of choice The Truth or Dare or Drink drinking game is simple. Players are offered with truth/dare, or drink their alcohol when it is their turn to draw a random card. Setup A dealer hands out the cards, face up, to all players seated around a table., then


Im Going On a Picnic

The Im Going On A Picnic drinking game is a game best played with Tequila or a drink of equal strength! Need 1 x bottle of tequila, 2+ people – the more the better Gameplay Do not tell anybody how the game works. The idea is they have to catch on and figure out for


Beer Pong

Summary Need: 1 table, 2+ players, 20+ plastic cups, 1 or 2 ping pong balls, and beer. The aim of beer pong is simple. You get the ping pong ball into your opponents’s cups. Setup Arrange 10 cups in a pyramid format on each side. (4-3-2-1). Fill each cup with beer about half way. Gameplay Each player takes


Flip Cup

Summary Flip cup is a very simple game that everybody can enjoy. Equipment Plastic cups, a table, some beer, 2 + people Gameplay Fill each cup a quarter up with beer Put the cups in front of all participating players  Each player lines up and faces their opponent. Someone yells “DRINK!” and the first 2


Caps Drinking Game

Summary Caps drinking game is an original college drinking game that requires some skill and a little bit of luck. As the game progresses, you will find your skill decreases. Have fun! Need: 2 cups, 4 players, beer (bottled preferably), beer caps Gameplay Make 2 teams with 2 players on each team Teams face each


Speed Quarters

Summary Speed quarters is a simple and frantic game which involves use of the following. Need: Glass cups, 4+ players, a table, and some quarters (or other similar sized coins if you are not from the US). Setup Everybody sits at a table around a large glass filled with beer and 2 empty cups at opposite


Bar Dice

Bar dice is a simple drinking game that relies heavy on luck on your side. The loser has to buy a round of shots Need 3 + players Dice cup with 5 dice Shots of choice Instructions The aim of the game is to get the highest total number eg. best case scenario is 5 x


Twenty One

Summary The Twenty One drinking game is very simple game where players count up from 1 with the last player saying 21 and has to drink. That player can then add a rule to the game before the next round. Players: 4 or more Gameplay Players sit in a circle and each player says a