Need: Deck of cards, drinks of choice, 4 + players
Asshole is a competitive, advantageous drinking game. The aim is to get rid of your cards the fastest.

Order of turns:
Vice President
Vice Asshole



Cards are dealt out evenly and player 1 starts by putting any card of choice down. Going clockwise, each person must put a card down 1 higher or 1 lower or the same card value . If it is the same card value, the person next in line skips their turn. The hand ends when a full rotation is complete. The asshole clears the pile and whoever placed the final card on the previous rotation begins.
During this round, the person beginning can put doubles, triples and quadruples, and everyone else must adhere to the same pairing.


Positions: Positions are  based on the order that players were able to play put down their cards.
President: First to finish previous game.
Vice President: Second to finish previous game .
Vice Asshole: Second last to finish previous game.
Asshole: Last to finish previous game.


Drinking Rules

  • If you pass you drink
  • If you get skipped you drink
  • If a 2 is played, everybody drinks except the player who put the 2 down
  • Everybody drinks when the president calls out “board meeting”


Special Rules

A player with a 2 card can drop it and clear the whole pile and begin the next round. A 2 can even clear doubles, triples and quads.


  • President can swap 2 cards of their choosing from asshole
  • President can choose to start first
  • President can force any player to drink once at anytime
  • President can drink order the citizens to refill their drink

Vice- President

  • Vice- President can swap 1 card of their choosing from vice asshole
  • Vice- President turn proceeds the president
  • Vice- President can force any player to drink once at anytime, except the President


  • Each citizen can force the assholes to drink once


  • Vice-Asshole turn is second last
  • Vice-Asshole can force the Asshole to drink


  • Asshole has their turn last
  • Refills any players drink
  • Deal and clear the cards


Drink responsibly!