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There is nothing more fun than playing games. It gets a million times better when you are playing games with friends while drinking!
Discover fun drinking games to play with your friends. Our website has a collection of drinking card games, drinking games without cards, drinking games for two and much more. We have the best of the best drinking games with popular favourites such as the kings drinking game, the jenga drinking game, the waterfall drinking game and loads more.

Drinking game categories include:

Drinking Card Games


Kings Drinking Game

Summary Need: 1 cup (or mug, or even jug!) 4+ people, 1 deck of cards, drinks of choice. Kings Drinking Game, also knowns as Kings Cup, is one of the most popular drinking games in the world. It is definitely the game that takes the party to the next level. Gamplay Place a deck of cards

Drinking Games Without Cards


Beer Pong

Summary Need: 1 table, 2+ players, 20+ plastic cups, 1 or 2 ping pong balls, and beer. The aim of beer pong is simple. You get the ping pong ball into your opponents’s cups. Setup Arrange 10 cups in a pyramid format on each side. (4-3-2-1). Fill each cup with beer about half way. Gameplay Each player takes

Drinking Games for Two


Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie Drinking Game is a conversational drinking game that can change the direction of the party to flirty, controversial, mysterious – whatever you want! Gameplay Each person takes a turn saying two things that are true, and 1 lie. Going around the circle, each person has to guess which is the